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iFalldown VS

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iFalldown VS is a fun, addicting, and completely FREE game for any iPhone user! The objective of iFalldown VS is to play as the red ball and race against your opponents ball and beat it by falling through the maze longer. You must avoid the blocks coming at you and use your powerups strategically in order to win! The game is over once your ball or your opponents ball is pushed off the screen. Controls Use the accelerometer in your iPhone or iPod Touch to control the ball. Tilt left and right to move sideways and tilt up and down to control the speed the ball is falling. Tap and icon to use a powerup or shake your iPhone to use the bomb. Powerups iFalldown VS contains two different types of powerups that will help you make it further in the game. First, the ghost will allow you to go invisible and fall through a row of blocks by tapping the ghosts at the bottom left of the screen. You have a maximum of three ghosts per game. Second, the bomb allows all blocks to dissappear for a period of time. You get one bomb per game and it can be activated by tapping the bomb or by shaking your iPhone or iPod Touch. Be careful though, the bomb will also help your opponent!




Instinct Coach
I used this during the MLG 2008 Finals. it works well, contact me on

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