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Falldown 2 is an exciting, fast paced game where you guide a ball through a maze of blocks while avoiding being pushed away. The maze begins to move faster and faster while you avoid losing control!

Get the Achievements! Achievements are awarded in iFalldown 2 for getting certain scores, getting bonuses, and more! Once you get all of the achievements you will be awarded with a special prize that allows you get higher scores and improve your placing on the high score list!

Bonus points are awarded throughout the game to help you get the highest score possible!

Try and get the highest score! An online high score list is kept and you can try and reach #1! Just remember to submit you score once the game is over.

Powerups! Use powerups when you are in a tough spot! Two powerups Ghost and Bomb will let you go invisible and explode and nearby blocks! Use these strategically to last as long as possible through the maze.

Sounds! Sounds and Music make the game more exciting! These can be turned off in the Settings.

Controls: Use your iPhone or iPods accelerometer to control your ball through the maze. Tilting left and right move the ball and tilting up and down help control the speed you are falling.

This is a fun game for everyone from young children to adults!




Mrs. Edward M.A. C...
This game is cool ... yayayyy!

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