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MLG Insider: Halo 3 Timer Tips and MLG News

We have just released 'Halo 3 Timer Tips and MLG News' in conjunction with MLG Insider! Here is the description from the App Store:

"Timer: This app times the Sniper, Rockets, Overshield, Camo, and Mauler for both 15 and 30 minute games in MLG Matchmaking Settings. Both a horizontal and vertical views to offer more information on the screen.

MLG News Feed: This is a true RSS feed from, the largest and most well recognized independent news source that covers Major League Gaming. Get the fastest new and breaking stories here first!

Tips: This is a tips database for MLG Matchmaking Settings and Gametypes. These tips are from the Best Coach in Halo 3, xXx, the coach of the top professional Halo 3 team, Instinct.

*** Future versions will contain a Halo 3 Slayer Weapons Timer and Premium Map and Strategy Walkthroughs ***"

And here are some screenshots of our new App:




This is a great tool for anybody who is an MLG player. It is very accurate and easy to use. Get it, it's worth the $.99.

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