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Chomp Released

Today is the release day of our latest iPhone application Chomp! Chomp is a fun and exciting game of logic and wit where you attempt to outsmart your opponent and make him eat the poisoned cookie. Come up with a strategy and outsmart the computer AI and your friends in Chomp's One and Two Player modes! For more information on Chomp here is an excerpt from the iTunes Description:

Chomp is an intriguing, new game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is a puzzle/strategy game where you try to force your opponent to eat the poisoned cookie, while avoiding it yourself!

The rules are simple. The player that eats the poisoned cookie at the end of the game loses. A grid of cookies is placed before both of the players. Each player then takes turn choosing a cookie. When a player chooses a cookie, he or she will then eat all of the cookies below, and to the right of the chosen cookie. The player forced to eat the poisoned cookie, in the top left corner then loses.

Use logic, strategy, and reasoning to stay alive in Chomp!

Chomp offers both single player and two player capabilities! You can play against your iPhone or your friend in a battle of logic and wits!

Chomp is a fun and exciting game for people of all ages!

Hope you enjoy! For more information or to purchase this application, click here or to go directly to iTunes, click the link on the right.



I love this game... it is simple, immediate, and very very fun!

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