TH Software

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TH Software

TH Software is a small, mobile software development company located in North Alabama, near Huntsville. Our focus is primarily mobile and embedded software, but we also have extensive experience in other areas. We are working on developing applications for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android powered phones. We also accept contracting work. For contact information, please go here.

We have three areas main areas of expertise and focus:

  1. iPhone Software
  2. Android Software
  3. Web Development

First, the iPhone software. TH Software has been developing iPhone application since the iPhone SDK was released. As soon as the App Store went live we put in the necessary applications for development, which were shortly accepted. We have developed five applications since then and three have been accepted. Two are still awaiting approval and should be available shortly.

Second, Android! This looks to be some powerful technology on the part of Google. Google does not have to develop a phone, they created an OS to go an multiple phones. Although the Android Market is growing much slower than the App Store, we believe that as the number of Android powered phones grows, so will the market.

Finally, web development will be closely integrated into the mobile software. It offers a powerful, unique look, feel, and way to develop applications. We are looking forward to the completion of some of our prototypes.

For any more information, view our About page, or send an E-Mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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