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Assistant for Starcraft 2

Assistant for Starcraft 2 is TH Software's latest iPhone application! It will help you manage your Starcraft 2 build orders and strategies and replay them to you while you play! Here is a link and more about it!

Assistant for SC2

Here is the description from iTunes so you can all see what its like. But, basically it will manage all of your build orders and replays them as you are playing. This will keep you on track in your early game. It will alert you with sounds and text to what you should be doing. You could also use it just to study and replay the strategies to help with timing. It does cost $1.99, but for the next two days its only $.99!

Assistant for Starcraft 2 is the key to becoming a better Starcraft 2 Player! It will manage and replay all of your SC2 strategies and build orders! Simply enter them into the app and get them replayed with images, sounds, and text to you in real time as you are playing the match. This keeps you on track and will ensure your path to victory!

Assistant for Starcraft 2 is easy to use and will surely improve your SC2 game! This app is great for any SC2 player from beginners to professionals in both campaign and multiplayer!

- Replay strategies in real time
- Easily add your own strategies
- Edit Strategies
- 10 Strategies to get you started
- Icons of each unit and building
- Sounds
- All multiplayer units
- All multiplayer buildings

Images of all buildings and units are shown as you are creating and replaying strategies. This makes the units easy to recognize for faster strategies!

Don't want to look at your iPhone/iPad/iTouch? Fine! Built in sounds are played every time you need to perform an action to follow the strategy! Assistant for Starcraft 2 will play the sound through the built-in speakers or headphones to alert you!

Want more features? Ask us! We are always willing to include new features in futures updates!

Here are some images:

replay strategies list strategies new strategy edit strategy play strategy



This app does exactly what is says it will do. If you're good at keeping the beat, you'll have no problems...

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